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Square shaped Planters as the name itself says are flawlessly designed, just right, square planters and pots. This can be placed anywhere where you choose to keep it. They are perfect for an open area or in a patio or balcony scenario. Simply because they are tough, robust and even if there were heavy winds, it won’t fall off or tumble down.

Because these square planters made by Planters Boxes are very stable thanks to its flat surface, tall and heavy trees, plants and also shrubs can be planted in this without any second-guessing.

Among the long list of advantages locked into the Squares Planter type of eclectic, planter boxes, or be it, our own creations, the Smart Planter boxes, QLD or say, our range of Squares plant pots, box planters, outdoor planters, wooden garden planters and planter troughs is that plants, flowering plants or even herbs thrive very well in them because of its unique design and make too.