"How lovely the silence of growing things."

Planter is a home-grown enterprise that is synonymous with the range of modern planter boxes that have proven so useful and versatile that with time we have been recognized for our interesting range of planter boxes that are made available anywhere in the Continent.

The makers of Planter have discovered a novel and neat way to bring garden spaces closer to you. You can extend your garden area, or you could create a whole new garden space wherever you choose to. And that is what this Made, planter boxes are all about. They come in different sizes and types and are primarily made of vinyl slate and they have been created and designed keeping in mind its usage, aesthetic appeal and also being able to serve its purpose to the hilt.

Interestingly, these planter boxes were borne out of a brilliant idea of recycling and the thoughtful outcome is what these boxes are. Its makers, Pacemakers Components Pty Ltd have been in business since 1983. They started out making blinds from vinyl slate. And gradually, from the recycled or leftover vinyl slate material, the planter boxes were devised and the idea came into fruition and the products are actually retailing well market today.

Planter - A revolutionary idea!

Yes. A tried and tested and successful formula is what Planter is. The idea of recycling and reprocessing leftover materials could never have been better. To come up with the range of planter boxes that are designed with specific intentions and that too, a versatile, sturdy product made for the garden industry has proven to be the icing on the cake!

The planter boxes are so conducive and useful and more so, they can be placed just about anywhere and one can have an instant garden area, indoors and outdoors is the beauty of these planter boxes. And yes, a point to be mentioned is that the planter boxes were just not designed, they were designed ‘smart’ and elegant.

From a thoughtful idea and plan to take it forward, Plantercame into being. And to support this, we do have an extensive range of products.

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Whatever type of planter boxes you may want, or desire to have chances are, we may be having it. And more so, every planter box that we have in stock, come in different sizes, colours and finishes. And the one important point that we don’t want to miss mentioning is that, if ever you want planter boxes that are tailored or custom-made, we can do that for you too. We can customise as per your requirements.

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