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accessibility PLANTER

The word accessibility Planter actually conveys a lot of things. It has many nuances to it. In simple terms, it means that this planter is easily accessible by one and all. Now, in the gardening scenario how does accessibility factor in? Well, the planters can be adjusted to any height and thereby, young or old, or if people are disabled or wheelchair bound, can access the planter very easily and engage in gardening as and when they wish to. And the accessibility planters can be placed just about anywhere.

The easy accessibility planter boxescome in single, double, or even square-shaped types. Interestingly, thanks to the way these are designed, they can be arranged also accordingly. Wherever you choose to place it, you may place it. Be it your balcony, terrace, backyard, courtyard, patio or even in your garden space.

A point to be noted is that there is a special are designed in these accessibility to place all tools and gear related to gardening so as to not cause any hindrance of any kind while engaging in gardening.

The Planter, Accessibility Planter comes with a detachable bottom half and this in a way ensures continued nourishment to the plants by way of helping hold water and thus keep the soil moist.