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Planter Boxes Australia is an imaginative, innovative and inventive, Australian-born, modular planter boxes that serve as good garden extensions for both the indoors and outdoors. Planter Boxes Australia came into being about 4 years ago and gradually, our products have gotten a good market presence and we are retailing these planter boxes all over Australia.

What is Planter Boxes Australia?

Planter Boxes Australia is a local, original product that is typically a planter ideal for planting flowers, plants of any size, shrubs, herbs and even ornamental plants. In order to accentuate your landscape or to fill up some empty spaces or to beautify certain areas, you can go in for the different types of planter boxes and place them accordingly. Not to miss, plant whatever you want and watch how the beautiful verdant foliage just spreads all over.

When we say you can place the planter boxes of Planter Boxes Australia just about anywhere, we really mean it. The planter boxes can be placed anywhere in your garden, in open spaces, in and around car parks, the patio, indoors, terrace, rooftops and any corners.

About us

The other interesting feature of our planter boxes are that, it is made for people who have a green thumb and love gardening. Not all people may be able to fulfil their gardening desires owing to age, age-related health issues, or for those who have any disability. And for this, we have planter boxes that are meant for all people, disabled or otherwise, gardening can still be carried out thanks to our innovative, ‘thinking’ planter box designs.

Whatever type of planter boxes you may want, or desire to have chances are, we may be having it. And more so, every planter box that we have in stock, come in different sizes, colours and finishes. And the one important point that we don’t want to miss mentioning is that, if ever you want planter boxes that are tailored or custom-made, we can do that for you too. We can customise as per your requirements.

The Planter Boxes Australia products include:

  • Smart Design Planter
  • Smart Accessibility Planter
  • The Terrace Planter
  • The Corner Planter
  • The Edge Planter Box
  • The Perfect Square-shaped Planter
  • Low Trough Planters
  • Vertical Garden Planters
  • Customised Planter Boxes
  • Vegetable Planter Boxes
About us

The Smart Planter design benefits

  • Planter Boxes Australia is made from recycled, cast-off PVC which is UV stabilized.
  • Planter Boxes Australia is very handy and ease of use is just amazing.
  • Typically, they come with a removable, separable base that is perfect and comes in handy when the plants are watered.
  • The planter boxes detachable sections prove to be a blessing for the plants as they ensure the soil is always moist and there is no heat transference to the plant roots and this in a way keeps the plants healthy and viable.

Wherever you reside in Australia, if you want planters from Planter Boxes Australia, we will ship it to you.

In a nutshell, Planter Boxes Australia product range includes, edge planter boxes, standard planter boxes and pots, raised planters, long narrow planters, low troughs, terraced planters and more.

The standard colours our Planter Boxes Australia comes in would be, Dark Green, Charcoal, Terracotta, Black, and Sandstone.

So are you gearing up to order your first set of Planter Boxes Australia? Then drop a line to us at or call us on our number 02 9526 1455.